Dr. Elsa Sotiriadis

The Biofuturist & Author

Dr Elsa Sotiriadis is a scientist, turned venture capital investor, turned futurist and science fiction bestselling author.

She became a 'cyborg' live on stage and worked as an expert futurist consultant for a leading technology company. As a venture capital investor, Dr.Sotiriadis helped invest in, build and launch 25 pioneering biotech startups and worked on DNA nanorobots to kill cancer cells for her PhD at Imperial College London. Silicon Republic named Dr. Sotiriadis as ‘one of 15 women to follow in biotech‘. 

Furthermore, she has worked with the BBC on an eco-fiction show, writes for Singularity Hub and her debut novella won recognition at the Writers of the Future competition in Hollywood.


Keynote Address


Powering Vision 2030: The Key Trends Re-Shaping Management and Learning


Building the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 means creating an independent, technology-driven and prosperous future for modern society. It’s through the mastery of skills that we unlock this innovation.

Discover the key tech trends that are re-shaping learning and management. From AR and VR to holographic conference rooms, adaptive design and haptic feedback, this session unpacks insights from technology startups and the latest engagement principles in social media to get your learners truly engaged, excited and empowered.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant future like you have never seen it before and get ready for 2030 today.

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